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Summer of Cage: Vampire’s Kiss


Let’s be honest. You didn’t watch this movie for anything but Cage. But if you did I will give it this: it is atmospheric and some might call it bold. I wouldn’t, but some might.

Caginess: 11/10.

This movie broke the scale. Like Face-Off, it unleashed Cage to levels of eye gouging ridiculousness that haunt the dreams of optometrists, but unlike Face-Off, Cage never passes the baton off. Everyone else in the movie, aside from the female lead, seems relatively normal. Cage’s accent is gold, and there are moments where he absolutely loses it on screen. At times it seems as if he is trying to emulate the over the top caricature-like actions of an Anime character, but if so, he actually over shot his mark.

Final thoughts:

I think whether or not you should watch this is a personal question I can not answer for you. Maybe speak to your doctor? All I can say is Cage’s performance is worth watching-- but you can skip the other stuff and find clips of it on the internet.

It’s everywhere.

Even here:

So... I guess we will leave you with that.

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