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The Dirt: Week One

First off, welcome to Lot 10 Underground. Our goal is to write pieces that will stand out among the drone of uninspired that plagues the web. We don’t write clickbait and we don’t regurgitate news. We write what we're passionate about. Hopefully you find a few pieces that interests you, and if not… well maybe you need to do a little soul searching.

All jokes aside, thanks for your time, we really appreciate it.

The Dirt is a quick summary of Lot 10 Underground’s upcoming week of articles and news. It will be posted every Monday morning.

So, with that bit of house keeping out of the way…

Featured Article:

Turkey Hole: NFL Draft Grades:

Turkey Hole pieces are NFL specific articles related to a single subject. Our first Turkey Hole is a quick and concise summary of our feelings towards every pick in last months draft. We will call it fashionably late, because irresponsibly late has certain connotations that we’d rather avoid.

Drop Time: Monday @ 1:00

Side Dish:

Book-Of-The-Month-Club: June:

A series reviewing the books we read this month. The reviews this month range from Sound and Fury by William Faulkner, to Harry Potter, to the graphic novel Long Halloween.

Drop Time: Wednesday @ 8:00 AM

Commercial Break: June:

Just in time for the weekend, Commercial break is a series in which we dive into the myriad of streaming sites and tell you what is worth watching. Lot 10 Underground, wasting our time so you don't have to!

Drop Time: Friday @ 8:00 AM

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