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The Dirt: Week Two

Well against all odds Lot 10 Underground made it to a second week. If you're just discovering us, welcome. Feel free to check out the About Us section for a little more information, but basically we write articles that we are interested in. That means as a reader you get passionate writing--if not a little off the beaten path. All of this is to say, essentially, that Lot 10 Underground is one big cathartic experiment for us. If you enjoy something, well that’s just gravy.

If this is your second week maybe you should reach out to someone.

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Every Monday we release The Dirt, which a rundown of this weeks schedule.

Featured Article:

Pocket Pass: Forget the Hype Lebron’s Staying in Cleveland:

Pocket Pass is our NBA articles that focus on a specific topic. This week’s Pocket Pass discusses the upcoming Lebron James free agency, and why we think it will end anti-climaticly.

Drop Time: Wednesday @ 1 PM

Side Dish:


A series that describes our feelings towards a book before and after we read it. Less in depth- review, and more how we felt about it. Our first entry in the series focuses on a YA novel called Night and the sci-fi dystopian novel The Windup Girl.

Drop Time: Friday @ 8 AM

We hope you like something here but if you don’t feel free to check last weeks works, which included reviews this month for books and TV shows. If nothing catches your attention, that says more about you than it does us.

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