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The Dirt: Week Three

I can only assume if you are reading this that you are new to the blog, as the thought that someone might have came back after last week would fill me with such concern for that reader that I don’t dare even linger on the thought…

So Welcome! Lot 10 Underground is your source for insight and opinions that you did not know you needed-- and it turns out you were right. Essentially we write what we are passionate about, and if you happen to enjoy it too? Well the worlds full of happy little coincidences, isn’t it?

The Dirt is a weekly post detailing the articles you can expect this week, so without further ado:

Featured Article:

Summer of Cage: Prologue: A Look into Madness:

In honor of our titular actor, we over did it with the title, and the use of colons. Summer of Cage is a Lot 10 series focusing on the career of Nic Cage. This is a zero issue of sorts, a prequel to introduce the series properly. Who asked for this? No one. So we made it our featured article!


Drop Time: Tuesday @ 12:00 PM

Side Dish:

The Huddle: Every Team's Offseason Focus:

Our quick opinions and insights into the NFL world, The Huddle this week features the number one focus for every team this off season.

Drop Time: Wednesday @ 8:00 AM

Nostalgia, Redux:

Our first entry into a series reviewing gems of the past, we turn out attention to an often forgotten anime Droids: New Century. If you remember the series fondly from your childhood it will be a fun little walk down memory lane. If you have no idea what we are talking about… well, maybe you keep that to yourself.

Drop Time: Friday @ 8:00 AM

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