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The Dirt: July

Normally we start these updates with a healthy about of self deprecating humor, and then we mix in a little house keeping at the end. We will get to that, but before we get there we need to make a pretty "important" update to the site.

The first three weeks of the channel had the Dirt bring weekly updates. I know it seems like this is being handled with absolute professionalism and that every choice we have made has been the right choice, but I'm not so sure. While the focus of Lot 10 Underground is not to write for an audience, we do hope that those who do decide to give us your time will enjoy the experience. With that in mind we are constantly looking for ways to make the experience better for our reader(s?) and one area we the quantity of content. There is a middle ground somewhere that is the perfect mix of quantity and quality, and that is what we hope to find. The Dirt was started as a way to keep in contact with our readers, a sort of editorial and schedule amalgam, and that will remain. What will change is how often we do it. It seems to me that weekly updates create a little too busy of a feed for many readers, and draw some of the focus away from our actual articles.

So, starting in July, the Dirt will be a monthly post that will outline what you can expect to read in July. For the most part we will stick to it, but if an idea hits us that we are passionate about, and we think it is important to get out that month, then we will make some exceptions.

Call them happy little surprises.

Oh, and while we are taking a moment of seriousness, I would like to thank the people who have subscribed to our socials, and a special shout-out to those who have agreed to subscribe to our e-mail list. Usually you don't get to pick your junk mail, but we are glad in this case that you chose us!

But seriously, thanks. You guys are awesome.

Well, the fact that after four weeks we are still up and running has me more concerned about our society than the obsession with rap music that consists of gutterial grunts and groans. But we are here, so we might as well shout into the abyss.

If you’ve never read any of our works, maybe you stop now, shut down your computer and forget you saw us. There EPA, are you happy?... but maybe you keep reading, and if you do here’s what you can expect: articles that are the antithesis of click-bait because, frankly, we don’t write for an audience. We write what we are passionate about, and if there happens to be an audience that enjoys it than so be it.

If you are one of those people, wow, we didn’t think you existed. Welcome to the site. Put up your feet and stick around for a while. If you like us enough to subscribe that would be pretty neat. There’s some social media platforms you can check out if you want-- personally we’re still partial to snail mail, but I’m worried the NSA will read that.

Oh yeah, there’s a Contact Us option on the page that allows for comments and suggestions. Just try to keep them positive. We take criticism positively awfully. Seriously. Just don’t.

…and that’s about it-- oh, wait-- the idea that we might have a reader distracted me so much I forgot why I was writing this: The Dirt is posted every month and prodides an outline of the months agenda:

Summer of Cage will be the focus this month. Is that a mistake? Probably. You can expect Cagy reviews of Face-Off, Gone in 60 Seconds, Con-Air, Leaving Las Vegas, and Vampire Kiss. It is a fairy healthy mix of critical darlings, popcorn successes, and over the top line deliveries. The posts will be in the order formerly mentioned so again, if for some reason you want to watch the movies before we review them you can follow the list.

Nostalgia: Redux returns to review another video game early in the month, focusing our look into the past on the legendary Naughty Dog creation Jack and Dexter: The Precursor Legacy. It is a classic in gameplay and creativity, and an important game that is often remembered as a classic, but not for how important it is to the developmental history of the studio that will someday bring us classics like Uncharted and The Last of Us. Later in the month we will step away from video games, and review the 2007 teen mystery thriller Disturbia.

We will also bring our monthly recommendations for streaming streaming with Commercial Break: July. We are waiting on bids to see what shows we should recommend this month. For some reason it has been quiet on that front...

We will also post a Book-of-the-Month Club that will include Harry Potter, YA writer Rick Yancey, legendary horror writer Richard Matheson, and much more. There were some great books on the list this month, and as always we encourage you to pick them up and read a few yourself.

Lastly, there will be two new series introduced this month. Glitch City is an editorial catch-all focusing on video games. This month's debut edition will be an open letter to the Pokemon video game series. Pokemon has a lot of influence on me personally, and it will be a common sight on the channel. It would have already been featured but that is a tale for another day.

The second new series is Forth And Long which will be an NFL editorial looking at concepts that are... a bit off the beaten path. Our first post in the series will make an argument for the often forgotten Fair-Catch Kick to be used more often in the NFL as a strategic weapon. We expect to make absolutely no headway on the argument, but it is the dog days of the summer-- what do you want from us, to watch Baseball?

That is it for July. It should be a busy month, especially for all you Pokemon playing Nic Cage fanatics.



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