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Summer of Cage: Con-Air


Nothing I could write would articulate this movie’s brilliance as well as the trailer, so watch this and come back afterwards.

… you get it, right?... right?

This is Cage at his nineties cheese best. A judge declares his fist are lethal weapons and rules harshly at his case, and you know what? I think he was right. I mean, look how much damage he manages to cause to the escaped convicts plans with nothing but his wit, one liners, and a wonderful mane of hair.

It has the emotional depth of a music video, but they have a lot of fun with the premise, Cage doesn’t forget he is Nic Cage, and a stable of well known actors really help the characters stand out.

Caginess: 7/10.

First off, I am confident that the flowing hair was Cage’s idea. The southern accent too. Secondly, just look at the faces he makes in the trailer. No one looks like that. Ever.

Final Thoughts:

Watch it as soon as you can. I am pretty sure TNT is contractually obilagted to show it every other day, so check your local listings.

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