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Summer of Cage: Gone in 60 Seconds


Gone in 60 Seconds, like many classics from the nineties, is a bit of a conundrum on Rotten Tomatoes. The site rates it out at a twenty-four but the fans stand firm at seventy-seven. I sent in the numbers to Berkely’s Math Department, and they tell me that is a fifty-three point difference, which even to a layman seems to be significant.

I find myself in the fan camp. Maybe that is because, for as often as I get on my soapbox and shout till my lungs hurt about the requirements of good storytelling, I am a sucker for nineties cheese. I don’t know what it is about it, but whenever a movie from my childhood comes on I revert to being sixteen again. In my opinion Gone in 60 Seconds is a better version of the first few Fast and the Furious movies, with a better premise, and better acting.

I guess, depending on who you ask, that might not be much of a compliment, but I meant it as one.

Caginess: 5/10

In many of his more commercially successful movies of the 90s and early 2000s, Cage kept his ridiculousness relatively under wraps. He was surprisingly adept at playing something reminiscent as the everyday man with a few quirks, but nearly every movie has a few token moments when he can get a little cagy. Gone in 60 seconds has two; the low rider scene, and when he stares at a jacket and says “I’m a bad man”. If another actor was given these scenes they would feel odd and out of place, but Cage has just enough quirk to all of his mannerisms that it actually makes his characters feel a little more 3-dimensional than many other actions movies characters do.

Final thoughts:

Rotten Tomatoes doesn’t know everything. This is a fun movie, and Cage and company let you hop in the passenger seat for a memorable ride.

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