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The Dirt: August


Are you out there?

Oh-- wow, a guest! Welcome to Lot 10 Underground. We are in our fifth week, but if this is your first time visiting the site congratulations. It was a valiant effort, keeping your sanity this long. It had to end eventually.

Welcome to madness. It’s not that bad, really. If you’re going to be here a while-- which, if your here, you are-- you might as well sit back and enjoy some of this months content:

The Dirt is a sort of chimera-like editor's note and schedule, and at the risk of coming off long winded, I think I think it's important to speak quickly on another change coming over Lot 10 Underground. After reviewing the past few weeks, and in a constant pursuit to try and put out quality articles (yes I know its hard to believe but that is a goal) Lot 10 Undergound will begin to post less posts each month. This is a decision that was not easy to decide, but in the end I thin it is the right one. Firstly, this decision is a personal one. The goal of this website is to write articles about topics that we are passionate about, and not how many clicks we can get. I worry that as the summer end and we get busier with that pesky thing called life our passions might be pulled to thin to produce quality articles at the pace we have put them out. So for that, this decision is perhaps a bit selfish... but secondly, we do this because we believe that producing less pieces will ensure that the product we put out is as high of a quality as possible for our five or six readers.

You can expect from this point out are usual monthly Commercial Break and Book-of-the-month-Club posts as well as a weekly continuation of Summer-of-Cage which will include Adaptation, The Rock, National-Treasure, Vengeance:A Love Story, and the series finale, The Death of Superman Lives: What Happened.

You can also expect at-least one in-depth article from one of the many series we have at our disposal.

This month's only non-monthly is, somewhat obviously, also our Featured post. It will be the first in (another) Lot 10 Underground series titled Late-Fee. Here we will will look at classic works of literature or pop culture that we, for whatever reason, failed to experience during the time it was at its peak in popularity-- or, in the case of some books, important influential books that we simply failed to read. These will be more of an informal review focusing on our experience with the piece as well as the history of it, and why we missed it. The first entry to Late-Fee will be the Japanese anime classic, Akira.

It should be fun...for us, at least.

If nothing else, I guess it'll get our geek cred up.

As always, we not so subtly remind you that if by some chance you liked something please leave a comment or question in the Comment section. If you want more content you could also consider subscribing and/or liking us on the FaceSnap (mychat?) links on to top and bottom of the page.

Signing off,


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