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Summer of Cage: National Treasure


The true story of a man who rises against all odds to save our nation and rediscover the lost treasure of founding fathers. Benjamen Franklin Gates (oh, I get it-- like the guy who invented electricity) must use his wit and his knowledge of the secret history of the forbearers of our great nation to steal the Declaration of Independence before Sean Bean and then use the map on the back to find the fabled treasure.

This movie has permeated culture because it is a novel idea. It is a conspiracy theororist master piece, and a family friendly romp through something resembling our countries history. It stands out as a fresh idea for a film if nothing else, but I think it has merits on its own.

It should feel like a globe trotting movie even if it mainly takes place in DC, and for the most part I think it accomplishes this.

The script isn’t particularly bold, but it is relatively tight. There isn’t a lot of cheese, there are some actually witty exchanges, and character decisions make sense for the most part. Those aren’t things you assume in a movie like this.

I’m not sayin it deserved an oscar or anything, but you can do a lot worse than this if your channel surfing.

Caginess: 3/10

This is a very subdued role for Cage, and it is impressive that he manages to play it without seeming lifeless. In fact, Bejamen Gates feels like a believable person, despite not ever partaking in any Cagy behaviors. This is not something Cage is always able to pull off, but I think he does a good job here of playing a fairly traditional aciton movie role.

Last Thoughts:

Conspiracy theories are fun, espessially if they are told through the lense of a Disney movie. Oh, and Sean Bean doesn’t die, so it’s probably the National Treasure of his fimography, as far as rarities go.

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