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Summer of Cage: The Rock


So...before he was helping President Bartlet in the West Wing, Leo was making James Bond’s life difficult? Seriously, they can’t say it because of legal reasons but it is implied that Sean Connery’s character is James Bond, and if you watch it on those terms it makes the movie even better.

There is a lot of discussion about patriotism and the true definition of heroism and what not, including some quoting of dead presidents, but in the end you are here to watch Nic Cage and Sean Connery sneak into Alkatraz prison, thwart a terrorist attack, and save San Francisco.

The one liners drip with cheese, the action is some of Michael Bay’s best, and the character is a unique role for Cage without feeling too far from why we want to see Nic Cage in a movie.

Caginess: 5/10

Stanley Goodspeed is just a biochemist who drives a Volvo. He is not the unflappable action star that Cage typically plays, and in the end that is a good thing. Like a few of the everyday men Cage has played in roles, he keeps enough of the actors quirkiness to help him feel flushed out, and in the end that helps him avoid the potential trap of feeling uninspired.

Last Thought:

Sean Connery and Nic Cage give memorable performances, Michael Bay provides plenty of action, and the lines are (usually) just shy of groan worthy.

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