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Summer of Cage: Vengeance: A Love Story


Ugh. I don’t want to.

It is a vigilante cop movie where Cage tries to get justice when they system didn’t. The movie’s darkest scenes succeeded at making me really uncomfortable, but they didn’t do anything with it once it happened, so it just felt sort of unnecessary. The Dialogue isn’t great, and there is some really strange plot choices.

Also, I am not sure what Cage’s character is supposed to be about. He acts like he takes things very seriously but he looks like he doesn’t care about... well, anything. He has no immediacy to anything he does, and nothing seems to faze him. Seriously, his partner gets shot and he just kind of strolls over, checks him out, and then decides he should probably call an ambulance. (SPOILER..oh, forget it, don’t watch this) The partner dies, so I think he might have appreciated a little hustle.

I did think the female lead did a decent job in her role, so there’s that.

Caginess: 0/10

In past films Cage has played subdued characters with embellishes of his quirk, and it has worked well enough. Think The Rock, or National Treasure. But here he’s just… well, he doesn’t really do anything. Anyone could have done this part, and that is not something I can often say about a Nic Cage performance.

Final Thoughts:

If you like dark crime thrillers there are a lot out there that earn the levels of violence they go to. This is not one of them.

Side note: Quick plug for Wind River on Netflix. It covers a similar story, is dark and violent, and you know… it feels like it is saying something.

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