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Summer of Cage: Adaptation


This is the story of one man struggling to write a review about a movie in which a man struggles to write the script for the movie that I am reviewing based on a non-fiction book. This movie is a metafictional wonderland that is full of twists and turns and thought provoking ideas that will leave you with a migraine if you fall too deeply into the thought spiral it induces.

It is one of the more artistic pieces of Nic Cage's careers and mixture of stars and critical darlings make for a wonderful cast, led by Cage, who plays two twins in the movie.

There is so much to discuss here, but really I think anything too deep would ruin the chance to experience it first hand.

Watch this movie. Even if you don't like it as a movie, you should find the experience worth while.

Caginess: 5/10

So, here's the thing: Cage does a wonderful job of portraying the two brothers in this film. He was one of the many people involved with the movie to get nominated for an Oscar-- in the case of Cage, it was Best Actor in a Leading Role.

He more then demonstrates his legitimacy as a leading man in this film. However, he also acts pretty manic at times, and he wears a fat suit (their name, not mine). So it is not like he is playing a run of the mill John Doe type either.

Like many of Cage's best rolls, he infuses his own odd mannerisms and styles with the character to bring out some dynamic characterizations that very few--if anyone else-- could have managed.

Last Thoughts:

This movie has a lot of fun with the metafictional nature of the piece, and a stellar cast help highlight a brilliant script. If you like Nic Cage, this is required viewing, as he is at his best here. There are many films to point at in argument of Cage's lack of acting chops, but this movie stands out in direct defiance of those arguments.

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