The Dirt: September

September 17, 2018

First off, yes, we are alive. Apparently rather or not you have readers has nothing to do with being able to float in the ether of the World Wide Web. This news is encouraging for out long-term outlook.


Once in a while a person— perhaps, more likely a bot— views an article. We hope you are effected by what you read. We would say we hoped you like it, but… we’re realists. Either way we appreciate your time, and thank you for giving it to us.


We didn’t want to overload you this September. With the changing of leaf colors, and the foreboding presence of Winter knocking on the door, it seems reckless to put out content that would distract you from the last few weeks of consistently good weather.


So without further ado, Book of the Month Club and Commercial Break for September will he posted shortly.


The months Featured Article will be The Huddle: Hope For Every NFL Team to start the season, in which we dig deep into the wells of disillusion and attempt to find something to be hopeful about for each team as the season progresses.


If you stumbled upon us, please like us on all the socials. You can also leave a comment or subscribe, because if you did that, you’d be pretty neat. If your aware of the site, and haven’t liked us yet… well what’s your problem?


Umm…. happy skimming?






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