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Numbers- There are about a million different takes on the police procedural. This is one of those variances; a story about a math professor who uses the titular “numbers” to help solve crimes for the FBI. The characters are archetypal, but unique enough that it doesn’t feel stale. It’s likely that the math doesn’t really add up, and what they are really doing is akin to mumbo jumbo spellcasting-crime solving, but to a lehman it seems legit.

Watch if… you want to feel smart, and don’t mind the nagging feeling that everything is a lie.

Netflix’s Marvel Shows- A quick disclaimer: there are currently ten seasons of Marvel super hero original content on Netflix. The best is as good as anything you will find on TV, and the rest ranges from inconsistent, to mediocre, to boring (Iron Fist). It’s a bit of a mixed bag, but if you're a completionist nothing here will offend you— but seriously, Season 1. of Iron Fist is completely skippable.

Watch if… you like super heroes and adult storytelling and need examples of how to do it right— and wrong.

Amazon Prime

24-At the height of the show, it is an intriguing and unique take on the police procedural. Each season is one day, each episode one hour. There is some great action, and Kiefer Sutherland is gold in the lead role. At its low point, the show can begin to feel a bit like a parody of itself as the writers twist and turn old plot threads to find fresh drama. It isn’t all great, but if you’ve never seen it, and your a fan of the genre, you owe it to yourself to at least watch a season.

Watch if… you need a show to binge in real time.

Teen Wolf- Teen. Drama. Angst. Gore…. and yet somehow, like Riverdale, it manages to be a surprisingly good horror show with some things to say about— of all things— heroism.

Watch if… your a fifteen year old, or some part of you still is… or if you like to be surprised when expectations are low.


The Handmaid’s Tales- If you haven’t read the book, then wait and do that first. It is a classic that demands you to think critically about issues that are as present today as when they were first written. But, if you just can’t find the will to crack open a book, than the show is a excellent second option. It has some heavy content, but if you stomach that your in for an atmospheric show with great acting all around.

Watch if… you want me to see an example of “having something important to say” without feeling the need to force feed your opinions down the viewers throat.

Community-This show was the introduction for many to the wonderful talent that is Donald Glover. It was also a reintroduction the comic goldmine that is Chubby Chase. Many of their other stars are recognizable faces in the prime time show gauntlet, but the reason to sit down is the witty and fresh comedy.

Watch if…. you’ve rewatched the Office for the fifteenth time and need something else for a bit before you go back to Micheal and the gang.

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