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The Dirt: October

We would start this with an uninspired comment about trick-or-treat, but the treat part would be a check that we would definitely not be good for. It is the season of goblins, goons, and marathons of mediocre to horrible horror movies, and well... we are not going to do anything about that. Would it have made sense to do something thematic or festive? Probably, but frankly that would imply a finger to the pulse of our reader mindset that is false for two reasons; firstly, we don't have readers, and secondly we have no idea what people want to read. With that in mind, we hope you enjoy this month's articles.

The Book of the Month Club has reviews that includes one of Hemingway's first novels, our least favorite Harry Potter novel, and, a John Green co-authored story that we felt lukewarm about. Commercial Break limited the usual reviews to one show per streaming service because we didn't have the time or effort to do any more than that.

Our Featured article this month is Glitch City: Pokemon, an Open Letter. It is a letter to Pokemon to thank it for the impact it made in our life. We would make a joke about it at this point, but honestly it would be too easy, and instead we want to say this-- we don't chose the things that inspire us, only how long they do. We do this in the story, but thank you Pokemon. You showed us that the worlds in our mind are limited only by ourselves.

.... so, have a great spook month, and try to not get too cold. If the weather gets too foul outside, and you have nothing else to do, than you might read a few of our old posts, or maybe even subscribe to us. You could like us on all of our socials-- people like our Pinterest, of all things. If your especially desperate, you could subscribe to us, but honestly, I doubt we will be posting this time next month...

But who knows. Crazier things have happened.

Yours in mediocrity,


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