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I know no one reads this site.

This isn't news to me. It also isn't altogether important to me. I am one of those bleeding heart fools who cares more about creating something that speaks to me and allows me to voice something that, despite what it might seem based on my content, feels important. And here is where you come in with the rather obvious critique:

LA, the only thing Lot 10 Underground posts about is obscure movies and anime, sports posts that are often a little out there, and, of all things, books and streaming recommendations.

Your right, but those things seem important to me. As a "content" creator I think the best way to create content is to create articles that I would like to read. I have a very eclectic list of interests and I rarely find something that scratches that exact sweet spot of sports, old anime, Harry Potter, and Pokemon. This leaves me always wanting more whenever I seek content, and in the end causes me to create content that I feel fills these holes.

That being said however creating articles is not my end game. I want to write novels, to wield the pen, and create a universe that will inspire some kid some day to go off and write an article in the desperate and somewhat illogical attempt to spin some internet success into a book deal. My hope is that if I work hard enough, and yell into enough venues, eventually someone will stop and listen.

I started this website for that purpose; to get my voice out there. It has, periodically, worked for that. If nothing else it helped me get over the fear all "artists" have when it comes to putting their content out. I tried to stick to writing what I wanted to write about, but in wanting to make Lot 10 successful, I tried to stick to structures I felt would be successful. This meant series, and sticking to a schedule while I posted, even if I wasn't inspired by anything.

This made Lot 10 Underground feel like something I had to do, and not something I wanted to do.

So from this moment on I am doing things my way. You will notice a lot of changes in the upcoming months from Lot 10 Underground. I have big plans ahead and there will be some major changes, some of which I want to keep under wraps until I have all the details pinned down. I can tell you this however. There will no longer be scheduled posts, or series. I will try to post as often as a good idea comes to me, but this will likely be about once a month until summer hits.

Keep your eyes open for those big changes. I can't guarantee they will be good, but I can guarantee that if I am going to chase my dream, I am going to do it my way.

LA is Editor-in-Chief and Head Writer at Lot 10 Underground. He is an avid Eagles fan and a weary Lakers one. He grew up sneaking through the halls of Hogwarts after dark with Harry and his more talented friends, stumbling along the dark walls of Rock Tunnel in Pokemon Red, storming through flood riddled ships with Master Chief, and questioning Goku's parenting techniques in DBZ. If you'd like to contact him, you can try an owl, but he prefers e-mail:

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